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Sometimes a great notion falls from the clouds into my mind as I walk the dog. The rest of the time I have to actually pay attention or I might miss the still, small voice of God. My friend Barbara and I talked about this recently over some great coffee in a quiet, locally owned coffee shop. The shop is the kind of place you enjoy drinking coffee without the background noise that drives me out of the national chains. We reflected on the noise in our culture and in our lives. We talked about Americans dislike of quiet. The fact that we want noise is very telling.

It seems that we can’t stand the sound of our thoughts. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with sound…raucous, never-ending, chatter or music or advertising. We behave as though we don’t want to hear ourselves think, nor do we leave room for God to speak to us. How can we possibly hear God over the racket in the air? The sad truth that we apparently don’t care if God is really trying to say something to us. We want entertainment, distraction, a pull away from our problems and our depression. It is ironic that we don’t seem to understand the solution to our problems can only be found when we stop the distraction, shut off the entertainment, sit down and be quiet for awhile.

This is beginning to sound like a scold, which is not what I want for you. We are God’s children and made in His image, so we can begin living our lives as the precious people we are in His sight. We are God’s beloved, not trash. Our best selves can come forward when we remember who we are in Christ. Open the Daily Operational Handbook and read God’s promises. You will find reasons to be joyful and content. It can be the beginning of a new day for you, leading to a new life.


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